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The Best Deals in Dayton Ohio Real Estate???

Can you to save almost $45,000 on your next home?


Would you be surprised to learn that one of my clients DID JUST THAT… we were able to negotiate for them a price $44,780 below the new build spec sheet cost for their brand new home!  Best deal in Dayton Ohio real estate… not sure but it was sure a great one!  These were wonderful clients being PCS to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and wanted to live close.  They are very close to Wright Patterson Air Force Base AND got a fantastic deal on their first home.  If you or someone you know is thinking of buying a home in the Dayton Ohio area or moving to Wright Patterson Air Force base they need to call and let us help them as well.


Building a new home in the Dayton Ohio real estate market?

Searching for a Dayton Ohio home for sale?  Thinking about building in the Dayton Ohio real estate market?  Custom builder or production builder?  There are so many choices… Have you heard the news about Beazer homes

Beazer homes has been building homes in the Dayton Ohio real estate market for years but will be exiting the Dayton Ohio market as well as several others in a cost cutting move.  If you are searching for homes in Dayton Ohio or by Wright Patterson Air Force base and were thinking of building a new home you need to at least consider Beazer homes.  While Beazer homes will not be starting any new construction, they will complete the construction of homes already under construction, as well as, sell any existing “market homes”.  You can search homes for sale in Dayton Ohio that are Beazer homes market homes HERE

While Beazer homes may be leaving the Dayton Ohio real estate market they will continue operations and will support the existing homes in and around the Dayton Ohio real estate market.  Beazer homes will support warranty issues out of the Cincinnati area offices through June of 2009 and will then support any warranty issues after that out of their Indianapolis, IN offices. 

While you can get great deals on new Beazer homes there will be no accepted offers with contingencies.  So if you have a home to sell or other issues preventing a non contingent offer we will have to help you find other homes that are a great value.


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