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Wright Patterson Air Force Base – F 117A Retired

Wright Patterson Air Force Base marks F 117A Retirement


wright patterson air force base


Yesterday marked the end of an era for the Air Force and maybe for some of us… The F 117A started flying in 1981… wow, I had forgotten it had been that long?  The weapons system was not acknowledged until 1988 but even with that its been 20 years…

What was life like as a family member and airman flying the F 117A prior to 1988?  Well the pilots and support staff flew out Monday in secrecy and did not return home until Friday and ONLY flew at night.  They could not discuss what they were doing and where they were going with their families and that must have been difficult for all involved.

Thanks to the Airmen and the families for your honor and dedication to our country!

wright patterson air force base   

Wright Patterson Air Force Base was not open to the general public however, Wright-Patterson employees, retirees and family members with base access were welcome to attend.  The fighter was open for an hour prior to the ceremony to view the plane and historical memorabilia.  The actual ceremony was brief and concluded with a fly over of Wright Patterson Air Force Base by F117A planes, one painted with in red, white and blue…

wright patterson air force base   

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