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I get asked questions all the time about the greater Dayton Ohio real estate market or things affecting Dayton Ohio real estate, home inspection, financing, etc.  Please feel free to call, email or post here with any greater Dayton Ohio real estate question.

So, Here is the Dayton Ohio real estate question

Do high radon levels affect the resale value of a house, even after appropriate mitigation has been done?


Answers to your real estate questions

Well this can vary based on the individual buyer… I would say that in most cases this will not be an issue to selling your Dayton Ohio home for sale.  My personal opinion would be that if the mitigation was done properly then the level should be close to zero… If I were looking to buy real estate in Dayton Ohio the fact that it had radon mitigation done would not bother me at all. 

Things to keep in mind about the radon mitigation

  • Check to make sure that it was done properly?
  • Is there a warranty?
  • Can the warranty be transferred?
  • Does the mitigation system impact any future plans you may have for the real estate?  ie: finish off the basement, etc.

I hope this helps and remember, we are always here to answer any Dayton Ohio real estae related question…


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