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Dayton Ohio Foreclosure and Short Sale problems…

Foreclosure and Short Sale Homes a problem?


I don’t know if you all saw the Dayton Daily News story today about the Dayton Ohio Real Estate foreclosure problems.  As we have discussed in the past they point out that Dayton Ohio has been hit very hard and in fact Montgomery County is second only to Cuyahoga co. for 2007.  The Mortgage Bankers Association found that Ohio was first in foreclosure inventory at the end of 2007.  Dayton Ohio is with out a doubt being hit very hard and has been for some time.  Lets look at some numbers for the greater Dayton area:

Dayton area Foreclosure Charts

montgomery county foreclosures   

  1. Bonnie Farmer

    I am close to going into foreclosure but I have moved in with my daughter and I just want to get out from under this house. How do you handle the short sale? What are your fees?

  2. markryan


    I would be happy to help you. We are very familiar in working with people in similar situations as yours. The big concern I think you are having is the cost of selling… that is actually paid by the bank and NOT you. The bank would rather have me sell the home in a short sale than have the expense of a foreclosure and then actually own the property. There is a good deal of info and I am sure more questions you will have. If you would like to call me and/or give me your number I would be happy to go into more depth on the phone.

    The main thing is that you are reaching out for help and not just letting the house go… that is the worst thing you can do. I hope to talk with you soon.



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