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If you are looking for a way to avoid foreclosure or stop
foreclosure a short sale my be the best option for you.  BEFORE you
consider a Dayton Ohio short sale you really need to talk over your options with a SHORT SALE EXPERT.  You see any agent can claim to be a Dayton Ohio Short Sale Expert and have nothing to really show for it…

dayton ohio short sale stress




Are you stressed out?  Need some help?  Just want answers to your
questions?  That is what we do and I hope this short list of questions
to ask about Dayton Ohio Short Sales helps…


Questions to ask the agent you are talking with about a short sale.

  1. Are they a Realtor and how long have they been licensed?

  2. How many short sales have they ACTUALLY closed in the last year?

  3. What SHORT SALE SPECIFIC training have they had?  HINT… a one day short sale class is not enough…

  4. Can they tell you about all your options, NOT JUST a short sale?  HINT… there are over 5…

  5. Do they have a Dayton Ohio Short Sale package to protect you and make sure you understand EVERYTHING…  HINT… our Dayton Ohio Short Sale package is 16 pages long…

  6. Do they have a team of real estate professionals working for them?  HINT…
    I mean REALLY working for them, NOT a list of office staff, office
    managers/brokers, mortgage reps, title reps, inspectors, etc. that they
    CALL their TEAM???

  7. How many Dayton Ohio short sale listings do they currently have for sale?  HINT… YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE ONLY ONE…  Let someone else be their learning experience…

  8. There
    are so many other questions that you should ask but this list will get
    you stated on the right path.  If you don’t like the answers you hear
    or want to interview our team of Dayton Ohio short sale experts please call us now to schedule an evaluation.  (always honest and no pressure)

Looking for a Dayton Ohio Short Sale home for sale?

Check out some of our Dayton Ohio area Short Sale listings
This is just a sample of all the homes that are available to you as a
buyer.  And having true short sale EXPERTS helping you purchase a short
sale home can save you thousands of dollars and months of wasted time…


We look forward to talk with you all soon.



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