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Dayton Ohio Real Estate Question

When you buy Dayton Ohio Homes for Sale, What stays?

I often get question on Dayton Ohio real estate related topics and from time to time I like to answer them here.  This helps buyers of Dayton Ohio homes for sale or owners attempting to sell Dayton Ohio real estate advice. 

So, what is a Dayton Ohio Real Estate FIXTURE… that is the question.

  • We had a purchase agreement signed on a home and later found out that
    the basketball goal on the driveway was not included as it was not
    listed. I had assumed that since the basketball post was bolted to the
    base plate and foundation, there was no question about it not being a
    part of the house. What is the answer?

So, lets set the stage here..



So, which of these to basketball hoops stay with the Dayton OH homes for sale?  Answer… the one on the left does NOT stay and the one on the right does.  Maybe NOT exactly for the reason you think… The one on the left goes because it is portable, unless the real estate contract says it stays.  The one on the right stays since it is attached to the ground….  Why else??? 

Well you see if something basically becomes a part of the Dayton Ohio  real estate it is a fixture and stays.  Check out the photo… notice that the ground has been turned into a basketball court and would not make any since without the hoop… so even if you had the portable hoop from the left there it would be a Fixture.  So when you are shopping Dayton Ohio homes for sale keep this in mind.

Here can be one rule of thumb…

If is is nailed down it stays… So DON’T do this…  🙂





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