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Dayton Ohio Homes for Sale… What About a Foreclosure?

Not all Dayton Ohio Real Estate Buyers want a Foreclosure


dayton ohio real estate foreclsoures


Real Estate research is in… recently released s survey showing that most Americans are uncomfortable with the idea of buying a foreclosed house. Research showed that:

  • About half of the home buyers would consider buying a foreclosure home.
  • Of those 2/3 of them conceded that there were “negative aspects” related in a foreclosure purchase.
  • Concerns of Dayton Ohio real estate home buyers could include: hidden costs, possibility the value with decline and others.

What else could this survey tell us about Dayton Ohio real estate home buyers? 

  • Men are more likely to buy a foreclosure than women (57% vs. 51%)
  • Young buyers (18-34) looking at Dayton Ohio homes for sale are more likely to buy a foreclosure home than older adults 55 and older (69% vs. 32%)
  • 20% of the home buyers surveyed said that having a personal connection to the previous home owners of the foreclosure home would be a negative aspect.


Foreclosure vs. Short Sale… pros/cons?

So if you are searching for Dayton Ohio homes for sale and may want to consider a foreclosure home you should consider a short sale.  Short sales are also know as pre foreclosure homes.  That is exactly what they are… pre foreclosure.  When you buy Dayton Ohio real estate that is a short sale you get the home BEFORE the bank.  You get a deal and the home owner avoids foreclosure.  You also avoid many of the bad points to buying a foreclosure stated above. 

Think you may want to search Dayton homes for sale looking for a short sale?  If so, you need a Dayton Ohio real estate EXPERT that really understands short sales.  There are many unusual steps in the process of buying a short sale.  Not all Dayton Ohio real estate transactions are the same that is for sure… and short sales are certainly one of the exceptions.

Contact us now if you have questions on the process or also check out Dayton Ohio real estate short sale experts




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