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Cincinnati Short Sale Expert?

How do you find a Cincinnati Short Sale Expert?


Ask Questions only a Cincinnati Short Sale Expert would know…

  • How many short sale transactions do they handle a month?
    • The answer should be that they are working with several short sale transactions EACH month.  NOT that they did one or two last year, etc. 
  • How long have they been working with clients in Foreclosure and handling short sales?
    • Hint: you don’t want to be the one the “learn” on.  If they have only been doing short sales for a few months or did some a few years ago they will just not have the contacts and experience necessary to help you as best possible.  Watch out for short sale scams
  • Can they explain the process and how their expertise successfully completes Cincinnati short sale transactions?
    • What training do they have?
    • What contacts and “back door” tools do they have and use?
    • What do they do to stand out from the literally thousands of other short sale packages?
  • Do they submit a short sale package specific to a Cincinnati Ohio Short Sale?
    • Are they even from Ohio?
    • Can the tell you in DETAIL what goes into their package and how it will stand out from all the other Cincinnati Ohio short sale packages or even worse from all the other short sale packages all together?
  • What training and experience do they have in COMPLETING Cincinnati area short sales? 
    • Are they a Certified Distressed Property Expert?  The gold standard in short sale training…
    • Any other designations or training?  I have 3 short sale designations and hours and hours of experience and additional training… they should too.
    • Have they or do they work with a coach / trainer to help them with staying on top of the ever changing short sale environment?
      • I have worked with several different coaches / trainers for the last 2 years to ensure we are on the cutting edge in terms of client service.
  • Can they give you OTHER options to avoid foreclosure?  OR, is a Cincinnati Short Sale their ONLY recommendation to you?
    • Often a Cincinnati Short Sale is the best options… sometimes it is not.  You deserve to know and understand ALL the foreclosure avoidance options.
    • You MUST understand the options and pros and cons of each option. 
    • There is NO one perfect option for stopping foreclosure.  You are really picking the best of all the bad choices.
  • Do they have a support team that works FOR them… not the front desk person or their inspector, etc. 
    • Cincinnati Short Sales, all really not just Cincinnati short Sale this post is just about Cincinnati…are just to difficult to handle effectively with just one person.  There is just too much to do if they are doing any volume of real estate business at all. 
    • Find someone that has the support staff to manage and SERVE you as you deserve.
  • Will they even handle your Cincinnati Short Sale?
    • Often I am seeing Cincinnati short sale “experts” that farm out your transaction to outside companies that are out of state and as a whole have a very hit and miss record of performance.
    • The idea goes that they are experts and can better serve you.  The reality is that they pick the “easy” deals and leave the rest… They make enough money off the easy ones…
    • Will your home be the one to avoid foreclosure?  Or, will yours be a “hard” one that just adds to the number of Cincinnati Ohio foreclosures
    • Don’t leave your future to be outsourced…
  • What literature, brochures, reports or books can they give you?
    • I offer many reports and actually co authored a book on the topic of short sales.
    • Can they give you anything?


This sounds like just bragging?  Why do I consider myself a Cincinnati area Short Sale expert?

This is sad but true, so many agents are now calling themselves Cincinnati Short Sale experts and they just simply are not.  They have little or no experience, little or no training, no support staff… really just looking to make a buck.  I have made it the mission of my real estate team to find and help as many Cincinnati area home owners that are in distress / foreclosure and offer our help as we can.  The Cincinnati area real estate market is really hurting and we want and need to do our part to help as many people as possible.  Please don’t fall for someone that just does not have the tools, training and experience necessary to really help you. 


I know, as you can tell from this web site…. My primary market area is Dayton.  Realize that I can be in most parts of the greater Cincinnati are in 20-45 minutes of leaving my office.  It is MUCH more important that you have a true professional working for you in a short sale transaction than it is how close the office is to your house.  I lived and worked in greater Cincinnati for years and know the area… more importantly I know how to save your house from foreclosure!


Call 513-235-9261 or 888-283-2648 with any questions or to set an appointment to discuss your options.

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