Test B4 Eng Cine Servo Zoom Lens On Dslrs Get Smooth Servo Zooms On Your Dslr

TEST: B4 ENG Cine Servo Zoom lens on DSLRs - Get smooth servo zooms on your DSLR.

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Name:TEST: B4 ENG Cine Servo Zoom lens on DSLRs - Get smooth servo zooms on your DSLR.
Date:01 March 2012
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Type:Youtube to Mp3

In this second video installment, Anthony Burokas of IEBA Communications demonstrates what a smooth servo zoom offers to DSLR video. Thi ENG-DSLR combines the best of both worlds. A smooth, easy to hold and use broadcast servo zoom lens, and a very inexpensive and highly user configurable DSLR for video.

The comfort and usability of the ENG lens means you not only do not need to by a focus pulling accessory, but you have easy access to all the lens controls, and even any variable density filter on the front of the lens.

Power here is provided by a 6-pin adapter cable and comes from a 12v broadcast camera battery. However, other powering solutions are available. The article goes in to depth about how the power gets from the battery to the lens and how you can adapt your DSLR to use ENG lenses.

This is produced for http://Streamingmedia.com/producer
and http://Techthoughs.org
by Anthony Burokas of http://IEBA.com
To have your product reviewed, visit http://ieba.wordpress.com/reviewpolicy/

Part -1 video here: http://youtu.be/Poe_2t-azd8

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