Upiak Tak Tun Tuang New Ver

Upiak - Tak Tun Tuang (NEW VER.) (Official Music Video)

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Name:Upiak - Tak Tun Tuang (NEW VER.) (Official Music Video)
Date:29 November 2017
Dis Like:17K
Type:Youtube to Mp3

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Upiak - Tak Tun Tuang (Verse)
Maxis / Hotlink (CRT): Dail *131*584034#
DiGi (CT): Dail *233*2935359#
UMobile (CRM) SMS: CRM 7378071 to 28383
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Upiak - Tak Tun Tuang (Chorus)
Maxis / Hotlink (CRT): Dail *131*584036#
DiGi (CT): Dail *233*2935360#
UMobile (CRM): SMS CRM 7378109 to 28383
Celcom (CMT): Dail *323*296220#

Upiak - Tak Tun Tuang (Verse)
XL : Sms TTUANG1 kirim ke 1818
INDOSAT :Sms TTTUANG 1 kirim ke 808
HTI(3) : Ketik 2081679 kirim ke 1212
Telkomsel : Ketik TTNMZ kirim ke 1212

Upiak - Tak Tun Tuang (Chorus)
XL:Sms TTTUANG2 kirim ke 1818
INDOSAT :Sms TTTUANG2 kirim ke 808
HTI (3) : Ketik 2081680 kirim ke 1212

The new version of the hit viral song, 'Tak Tun Tuang' by Upiak is now has it's own official music video!

Tak Tun Tuang
Lagu : Ardi
Lirik : Upiak
Arrangement : Harry Khalifah
Original Publisher: MVM Production Sdn Bhd

Indian Hero : Emad
Smart Looking Man - El Azmeer
Bus Stop Man : Ah Soong / 阿爽
Buskers : AP Buskers

Make Up : Ray
Story : Bratt Bob
Camera Work : Alif Jamil, Akmal Hakeem Harris
Editor : Akmal Hakeem Harris

Special thanks to audiences at Sogo and people of Kampung Baru!

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